Каникулы с носителями английского языка. Day 1 + Weekend on the train

For many of the students and Myself it was a fantastic experience travelling by train to Tuapse. Two days might seem like quite a long time to be settled in an open coupe with other passengers, but the students knew how to make the atmosphere vibrant, relaxed and exciting all at once!

Mr. Communication is my nickname for the students - They are very enthusiastic about learning English, speaking the language, using the language and basic translations.

Teamwork is the best way to go about the day, from helping one another translate Russian to English to basically fighting of the small insects in nature!

The weather is great, absolutely amazing, I think it is somewhat of a sunny change for the students from the North so they are really enjoying the weather.

Daniel Mongie


Интересности и события Пресс-центр English-City
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