Английский язык в игровой форме и только с носителями языка из Англии, Америки и Канады.

A week at English City Языковой лагерь. Осенние каникулы.



I would like to share a few impressions of the English City children's holiday camp in Karelia this autumn. The first thing that struck me on arriving at this camp was the overwhelmingly positive atmosphere. Children of all ages were clearly happy, stimulated and excited by their environment. This impression would only be confirmed as the week progressed.
Activities in this camp are focused on practice of the English language and the theatrical arts. The children prepare theatrical performances in English to be performed at the end of the week. While it is clear that some children, as with people anywhere, have more of a natural talent for this than others it is also very important that all people are introduced to the theatrical arts from the inside even if they will not go on to be professional or amateur actors. The challenge of giving a public performance in front of parents and other invitees certainly helped to focus the children's attention and is character developing in a similar way to sporting challenges and training.
The level of the teachers and staff at this camp was outstanding. All were multi talented in theatrical, musical and linguistic skills and it was very clear that they all genuinely loved children. I saw hardly any quarrels between the children and the few I did see were expertly dealt with by the staff who were clearly well versed in child psychology.
After the week was up I felt personally enriched by this experience, the great discussions we had in the even with the staff, the beautiful setting and clean air of the camp but above all the positive energy of these children whom it was a honour to spend time with and interact with.
I would thoroughly recommend English City to anyone who wants to give their children a positive, enriching, horizon expanding experience to remember.
Marcus Godwyn.