Английский язык в игровой форме и только с носителями языка из Англии, Америки и Канады.

The week of 30th October- 5th November this year will forever be etched in the minds of all the participants who attended the English City Camp organised by the English teachers of Siberia and Saint-Petersburg in Russia


The seven days camping held at Кирочное Подворье some 50kilometers from the city centre.The objectives of the camp were to improve the level of English language of the students and also to improve the teamwork among the teachers. All the activities of the camp were conducted by the teachers of the school and also foreign teachers from English speaking countries such as Britain, Canada etc. All the students were exited throughout the 2 hours journey to the campsite. Upon arrival, they were immediately whisked off to their various dormitory which were divided into two according to the sex of the students, the first floor was for the female students and the second floor was for the male students same with that of the teachers . After which the students were taken to the theater hall with all the teachers where we were given a briefing on the rules and regulations at the campsite by the coordinator. Then the students were grouped into six separate groups according to their level of understanding of English. After which we all went to the dinning hall for lunch and after lunch each teacher took his or her group for English lessons . Each teacher taught three lessons for three different groups which lasted for 45minutes and after that we all went for dinner at 9 pm and after everyone went to their various dormitory to passed the night.
The second day the camp started with early morning exercise session at 5:30am . After that we went we went for a quick shower followed by breakfast at 9am every morning before we took part in more group activities. The activities were physically and mentally challenging because we were not given a specific plan for the lessons,most often we need to do a physical illustration so as to ease the understanding of the students. We had three lessons every morning after breakfast, we take lunch at 2pm , and three lessons again after lunch at 4 pm consistently for six days and every evening before dinner we followed the students to the theater hall for singing, film acting and dancing performance. At the theater hall we the teachers acted as spectators. Throughout these activities we learnt to trust each other and to give moral support when it's most needed.
On the final morning we had a healthy breakfast followed by a feedback session.During this session we were given the opportunity to talked to the parents of the students by presenting ourselves to them and to voice our feelings and opinions regarding the camp. Many participants gave constructive feedback on what the camp has taught them. I learnt about the importance of teamwork, tolerance,consideration and understanding. Most importantly we taught the students English and also gave them some of the reasons why they need to study English so as to encourage the weak ones to put more efforts.
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