My name is Marcus Godwyn.
I was born and grew up in London. I am a musician and music teacher of thirty five years experience. I am a teacher of English as a foreign language of 20 years experience. In my adult life I have lived in Great Britain, France, Czech Republic and Russia since 2003. Apart from English I speak French and Russian. Since living in Russia,I have worked as an English teacher for adults and children; as a musician and music teacher also giving interactive percussion master classes for small children and in a programme designed with the city government for handicapped children. If you buy English language audio books or audio teaching methods, it’s quite likely that you have heard my voice already. If you took The Sapsan high speed train for the first six years of its existence then you heard my voice on the English language announcements and my translation of all passenger information from Russian. Apparently I’m still to be heard on the Lastochka in Sochi but I have never been there unfortunately. I have also been in several films since living here the most recent of which is “Kharms”.