English City - это не только лагерь

English City camp creates a well-balanced combination of English lessons and the art of drama owing to its unique program. Children live beside native speaker from America, England, Australia and other English speaking countries. And besides that they study theatrical art under guidance of professional directors and actors.

Our camps at English City combine a perfect harmony in teaching English. We specialize in mixing the art of drama and more traditional practices of learning the English language. The children at English City don’t just learn the grammar and the words that you would find at an ordinary school. Instead, Children are taught and live with native speakers from English speaking countries (America, England and Australia etc) becoming friends and being able to practice with them all the time; as well as studying theatre from professional directors and actors.

Such an approach allows children to feel comfortable when speaking a foreign language, as well as change their attitude towards the learning process. Primarily this is because we don’t use a formal way of teaching English but we use games, drama lessons, scripting and many other creative activities to approach the learning of English.

By the end of each session children present a theatre production in English. Often, speaking and performing in the first time in English.

English City works with various children health centers and camps in the Leningrad region and Krasnodar region.

When selecting the camps, every part is a key. We make sure that every camp we visit offers premium facilities and comfort for your children, as well as staying affordable.

We care at English City and ensure that each camp offers an affordable and comfortable atmosphere for your children.

Children who attend an English City camp will often find themselves among other summer camps in the region. Often allowing children to see other camps and how they work in comparison to English City.

English City is a unique educational program for kids from Russia and other parts of the world. It will give loads of new emotions and experiences to your child. The life in camp is full of bright events and adventures. The time in our camp will be remembered for many years all thanks to its special and exceptional atmosphere. English city is the place where your child can relax and have loads of new experiences, knowledge and friends. We love to bring smiles and joy to your kid and this is what we are good at!


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