English City staff are not just teachers and managers who just teach English, but they become close friends with your kids and help them feel comfortable in learning another language.. This is the main reason why the language barrier disappears and even the youngest kids start speaking in English. Friendship, unity, confidence and the wish to communicate with interesting people are the factors which contribute to your children benefiting from the English City experience. Kids in camp really enjoy English language! And what is the best motivation to speak English than to love this language and have precious memories of wonderful time in the camp?

The most common reason for a child to have a language barrier is a fear to make a mistake (e.g. grammatical or spelling), the lack of practice and approach is often daunting for children speaking another language. The English city educational program aims at improvement of conversational speaking skills and does not solely focus on learning grammar, writing (spelling) and etc. It helps kids to feel more liberated and to start speaking without being afraid of making a mistake. Such methods, allows us to achieve fast and effective development of using a foreign language. Confidence in speaking, listening and practicing allows children to fully overcome the language barrier.

Principally, all the teachers in our camp are native speakers from England, America, Australia and other English speaking countries, and they travel to live in the same campus with kids. This way, kids become more familiar with the language and the difference cultures of people. It can even change their attitude towards using a foreign language if it used to be negative before. The English language stops being a boring academic subject and becomes an interesting, fun and important means of communication.

Every day, there are social events held in English where our teachers spend their time outside the lessons with kids and take on exciting activities for the children (dancing shows, talent shows, improvising, capture the flag etc)

All the lessons in camp aim for universal development of kids and to contribute to their love of English language and culture. Children don’t just communicate in English language, more often than not, all the residents start even thinking in English.

English City employs teachers and professors from some of the top universities in the world. All the staff of English city has an adequate education and work experience. English city teachers use different methods to develop a child’s learning abilities. One of our main tasks is to provide a professional and fun approach during the process of studying English.

A know-how to present yourself is an art that we learn through all of our life, therefore it is very hard to underestimate the necessity of such an experience in camp. It involves everyday independent project work which joins kids together for a common good, it helps to improve skills of working in a team and to develop and to show their best talents and personal qualities. A wide-range development takes place in our camps very naturally and fascinating, and this is exactly why for so many years children keep coming and coming back to English City.


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